Hi Peter and John,

I heard about through Peter’s videos but I had absolutely no idea that you two were the founders. I just wanted to offer a few points of constructive criticism to possibly increase public interest:

  1. Specify that you two are the founders in your videos otherwise it really sounds like a random ICO that sponsored you to shill the heck out of it and unfortunately causes viewers to lose interest to research more about it.

  2. Talk MORE about the project and the idea behind it. I understood that the goal is to make an easy, practical user interface to expand the crypto-community but it would be helpful to hear more details and plans.

This is all I can think to mention at the moment. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. It just seemed like a shame to let this one slide when it’s created by two extremely intelligent and dedicated crypto-members that we trust.


Yoo. That’s why Peter says “ if you want behind the scenes what we built check

There is much more! Join us. That’s the place where real game start. Have a great evening.


Where is your patreon “p”?


Lost, thank you for attention. In a day I tried to fixed it. Couldn’t make it. Upgraded, payment didn’t go through, I don’t know. They will try process in few days again


Ok cool. Just noticed it. Always look forward to seeing you in discord and here as well.



there’s so much more to come…



Just a thought… why not include a service like a hedge fund where members, who wish to follow the coins that Peter and his team have researched and see good investment potential in,
can just lock in a one time investment fund which could be made through BTC or ETH


Looks so good by the way!!

Registration Page:

  • In the search bar, add Yen or Web after the grey Search

  • Add a cookies disclosure here or at login (if applicable, I would :slight_smile: )

  • Link to Cookie Policy

Global Landing Page:

  • Add Yen Logo in front of Search Bar (mirror FB and if you allow background customization, font schemes etc (which I would encourage) then Yen logo remains visible on every page :wink:

  • Link all disclosures after Yen copyright, e.g. add the Policy, Terms, Cookies, Advertising (bake-in for future :slight_smile: ) etc

  • Pull code from Crypto Yum’s Light -to-Dark button feature (Peeps love personalization) especially young whipper snappers

  • Incorporate scrolling friends online sidebar? Direct message, share location etc?

…keep up the great work!!


Thanks so much for the feedback my man! @john


Hello #yenizens!

Whether you’re already building or patiently waiting in the on-boarding queue, you can have a look and play with the beta at

We’re all ears! Give us your feedback, suggestions, and ideas in this thread or in our official Bitcoin Pub members suggestions document.

Yen is in beta, and is slowly adding users. It’s a process!

If you would like to be part of the beta, join our growing #quartermaster community, and have a look behind the pajis, join our Patreon

More discussion to follow, but in the mean time, take a look at what’s happening on the beta - completely publicly! Welcome Team

Been browsing the beta and it looks good but I was curious, is there a reason that replies to posts are in time order from bottom to top? Shouldn’t it be top to bottom so you don’t have to scroll to the bottom to see the first reply and understand the top comment in the chain? If there’s an active conversation with many replies, it seems strange having to scroll past all the comments to see the initial reply.

Love the design and site so far, can’t wait to sign up!


we’re completely re-working the comment layer(s), for sure.


i have doubt about… When you purchase a coin as it is a social … the wallet get tied up to the person what about PRIVACY … I asked Peter on live he missed it. Sorry If this was asked before


I’m guessing you can turn this feature off? But i mean it is a social exchange, so I guess the point of it is for people to have a place to share their trades etc :slightly_smiling_face:


really good question. one of the things that we’re building is the ability to choose which purchases are public and which ones are private. :slight_smile:

Our early users (testers) are helping to test the platform and our infrastructure, etc… so, everything is public for now!


i am with you guys totally just as a outsider asking ( i am even sometimes okay with KYC too)

i agree with easy of use, clean, simple … which will definitely help my mom & dad

my query was regarding privacy conscious people. eg - satoshi …

as crypto was born with cypherpunk movement … i want to see andreas comment on this …


love that you’re thinking through this! #yen exists to help grow and expand the cryptocurrency community… and to do that we need more transparency and more visibility:

I really do believe in this. We’ll find a right balance between these things long-term, but, the goal right now is growth.


A bit of quick feedback. As soon as I log-in to my account, it would be nice to just click on say my profile picture to edit it. Not have to press the top right avatar>settings>edit info/pictures.

The less clicks to personalize the better. I don’t spend as much time in front of a screen but I do prefer to have less page jumps and clicks to make changes/adjustments.


Its my understanding will fill full release when the time comes it’s that correct ???
Just a suggestion that no body take care, Its the password, How many of you have more than 10 passwords …All and anyone right.!!! I hope you Guys at considering a different way to get the access without just type password.8 or 10 “perhaps a sentence will apply” or “image(s)- signature like old times” perhaps (image apply to keystrog). let me know when you have a banner ready to set it in my website !!

I look forward to @peter @john