Hi Peter and John,

I heard about through Peter’s videos but I had absolutely no idea that you two were the founders. I just wanted to offer a few points of constructive criticism to possibly increase public interest:

  1. Specify that you two are the founders in your videos otherwise it really sounds like a random ICO that sponsored you to shill the heck out of it and unfortunately causes viewers to lose interest to research more about it.

  2. Talk MORE about the project and the idea behind it. I understood that the goal is to make an easy, practical user interface to expand the crypto-community but it would be helpful to hear more details and plans.

This is all I can think to mention at the moment. I hope I didn’t offend anyone. It just seemed like a shame to let this one slide when it’s created by two extremely intelligent and dedicated crypto-members that we trust.


Yoo. That’s why Peter says “ if you want behind the scenes what we built check

There is much more! Join us. That’s the place where real game start. Have a great evening.


Where is your patreon “p”?


Lost, thank you for attention. In a day I tried to fixed it. Couldn’t make it. Upgraded, payment didn’t go through, I don’t know. They will try process in few days again


Ok cool. Just noticed it. Always look forward to seeing you in discord and here as well.



there’s so much more to come…



Just a thought… why not include a service like a hedge fund where members, who wish to follow the coins that Peter and his team have researched and see good investment potential in,
can just lock in a one time investment fund which could be made through BTC or ETH