yes! we plan on releasing publicly early next year, if we can get all our work done!


did you make this? it’s so cool!


yea… made it while listening to the DCTV video I missed, lol


do you want to submit it to feel free to do so via the submission form!


Thnx, Let me know How can I Contribute to the effort…I would like to help; In the meantime I will translate something for Pub in Spanish, But i will be make an effort to help on :sunny:


there’s a #hispanos channel that needs some help and a growing community there!


Yes Pls. Change to Español= #Español yeap Im helping them 2.


This has been done by @delirium_igniter, the category is now Español







Yay I just became a Yenzien!


Coinbase and Binance being one of the biggest exchanges have the worst customer service. I recently had an issue (Coinbase), Emailed support and they literally got back to me after 11 days.

I also bought haven protocol (XHV) on nanex which is nano’s exchange. After a month, they suspended the XHV wallet for any deposits and withdrawals. What’s worse is, they have taken off the XHV/NANO trading pair off the exchange as well. I have sent them atleast a dozen of emails over the course of 3 months now, Guess what? Not even a single response. please dont let me get started on IDEX of all the sell orders ive missed because of their stupid GAS Price…

Having said that. What is the game plan for YEN.IO when it comes to customer service? I have high hopes from this project.


we hope to have the best customer service ever… but, it’s really, really hard. we’re already thinking through this type of stuff though and where we’ve started is trying to be as transparent as possible with our github profile as well as things like our Wednesday morning livestreams with peter and i…

but, we have much more work to do!


Thankyou. I think engaging call centers for support is a really lucrative idea its economical and will have an edge over the competitors. just a suggestion :slight_smile:


totally, 100% agree. customer support is great when… it’s great. but, when it’s bad… ooph.


Here are a few suggestions i have. I am sure, you must have most of them as features in your product backlog. I think having all these features on a social platform is a must these days.

Suggestions for

Enhancement suggestions:

–Follow people from global notifications. If this feature can be added to the (Share, copy, direct message, Report) Notification

–Add edit feature for posts and comments–Users should be able to edit their posts after posting their comments or statuses.

–There should be an “x” mark on the top right hand side of the comment or the post section, If the user wants to exit. Cancel option should be used to cancel the post.

Good To have features

–Translation feature in a few different languages would be a nice option to have, considering will attract people from across the globe.

–addition of emojis

–Members should send Payments in cryptos to other members/ content creators. Especially integrate this feature with live streams.

–Location services to show which member is from which part of the world.

–This one is far stretched but maybe a buy/sell market exchange between the members. Something like Facebook marketplace

–Events page/Calendar-- Ability to integrate live streams, meetings, yen related social events and conferences on the calendar.

–Users should be able to build their communities and groups.


Thanks for all of these!

You are right though, we do have (just about) all of them captured on the big board here:

There’s a lot there and it can be hard to parse out so if you have anymore, please feel free to drop them in here and we’ll get them added.