Welcome Team



Yeah, like this guy… :cowboy_hat_face:


cool! I see you there


Good luck all involved! Must be an exciting time.

Would love to get involved somehow.


Browse on and give feedback of potential features you’d like to see down the road or any bugs you notice.


I think we already have a welcome team member in @Bitnative!!!


really, really grateful for content like this @Bitnative!


To everyone interested in being a part of Welcoming people****

Your number one goal is to be a welcoming kind of person

As we see in @Bitnative
Thank you for modeling for us.

I think we can have 2 groups. (Thinking out loud)

Pub Interest
Can we have people cultivate interest and share their experience of being on YEN, wanting to be on YEN, etc.

YEN Participants
A small group of us are on YEN and building out, testing things there. We will also build a bridge to the PUB, but will spend time there.

Can we have a document where we keep all our ideas?

I think #1 is just to BE WELCOMING PEOPLE in your own style and flavor.
The strategy and tactics will come together.

  • Say hi to people and welcome them to the YENiverse

  • Build a list of people who are in their 1st 7 days


Love to be on the welcoming party. I’ve done customer service for the past 20 years. So I love helping others. This is a challenge that I love to step up to. I would be honored to be apart of this team and help the yen community


Excellent. I know there is a place for you. Let’s get you onboarded!!! But you can begin now thinking about how to help…


Yo Guys. How do i sign up to Yen. It ask for a invitation code.


Alpha Cohort and Alpha Retreat get invites.
Quartermaster on get invites.


Number one goal is be your self and help others. Should be as if your helping your friends and family.

Is there a spot for Q&A to the welcoming team? So If any new ppl with questions can post. And the welcoming team can message them with an answer. With a mark that shows someone helped this person out.

Since I’m a miner at scale. I can also help with questions with set up. From hardware to software. From GPU mining to ASIC mining. And I can break it down so anyone will understand.

And once I get into yen Ill figure out how that works too. I’ll teach anyone new in Yen how it all works. I already show ppl how to on-board into Coinbase. and then show them how to get on Binance. Setting up wallets for all there coins. most stay on Coinbase because its easy to use. And I know its not hard from the looks of Yen to navigate. The easier I can make it for new ppl the better experience they will have.

If they have car questions I will be glad to help with that too. I do classic car restoration and customization so I can help with any car question. and If needed I could do some work on some cars to, if someone asked.


:troll: … that :strawberry::unicorn::rainbow: #toostrong


seriously though… i just caught this… who bought that domain and redirected it?


Apparently you don’t know the joke! LULS


i love that your considering helping! and this idea is exactly right.


thank you very much. and thank you for getting into my Chevelle at the yen meetup! loved meeting you and peter, and of course everyone else too lol.


Hey John,

The Yen e-mail is going to my junk filter. I just got this.