Yen Retreat Pictures! Oct 5-7, 2018!



Great photos @CryptoMykel! Love it!

Need more pics! Also looking for videos peeps! If anyone has videos, Upload to youtube, doesn’t have to be public, you can have them Unlisted, and post the Unlisted links here so I can go through and collect them all for the #YENRetreat Compilation Videos!


Moonboy shirt, doge to the moon shirt… rocket ship grafiti… IS THIS A SIGN?!


Few more pictures:


hope this works.


The video is perfect I absolutely love it thank you so much! If you have any more footage I would love to see it. For everyone else please don’t hesitate to upload your videos they don’t have to be perfect!


Keep the videos and the photos coming everyone!


Uploading: 20181007_010100.jpg…




Good shit! Keep them coming! Already collected all of the pics from all the Discord Channels, John’s blog, and if you’ve uploaded pics to twitter, drop the links to your twitters and your youtube uploads here!


This is awesome, didn’t know the yen/pub community was this big and diverse. :grinning:


This is for your collection bro. It’s small but it’s something


Mr number Mr number one and number two to arrive




Thanks @PeterStone will be sure to add those! Need more pictures and videos from everyone who attended the #YenRetreat to make our compilation video as awesome as possible and show the magnitude of just how big and great our community is!


Oh my goodness, so much has happened since I have been here.
The photos are just awesome.
I can’t wait to have my health back so I can be back with my favourite people again!

Much love to you all!!!


most of all, We’re happy to see you!
That what matters, you have been spark since the begging and always will be a huge part of our community!
That SO AMAZE badge. Yoo


I really appreciate that. Thank you so much. I love you all. xo