Yen starter kit

****disclaimer, the following links are my amazon affiliate links, they won’t cost you a penny more to use, but will help me out if you use them :slight_smile:

This is just the start of my starter kit shopping list. feel free to make suggestions and i’ll add them to the list. This will be a small part of my yen step by step guide on how to get started with content creation.

Ultimate yen starter kit shopping list.

Logo design / intro animations / custom video music
If you need help with designing a logo, creating into/outro animations, youtube thumbnails, music, etc… then Fiver is your spot. They have tons of qualified people who can help make your project look professional almost instantly with prices usually starting at around 5 dollars.


Blue yeti microphone

Rode desktop mic boom


logitech c920 webcam

Gopro hero 6 black

Gopro hero 5 black


Smooth 4 phone gimbal

DJI Osmo phone gimbal

Gopro gimbal (way too expensive. Get one of the above and use and adaptor plate)


basic 50 inch camera tripod

small flexible phone/camera/gopro tripod


Rode micro shotgun mic for phones / handhelds

Rode 3.5mm TRS to TRRS Patch Cable (needed if using external mic with phone)

Shoe Adapter Ring for Zhiyun Smooth 4 used for attaching external microphone or lighting


Light ring

2000 Watt Lighting Kit with 10’x12’ Chromakey Green Screen and Three Softbox Lights

Retractable green screen (great for use in small houses/apartments without dedicated filming space)


Camtasia/snagit (great screen/video capture software, easy to use)

Adobe Premiere Pro (probably the best video editing software currently)

OBS - free and open source video / screen capture software


Car cell phone holder (please, PLEASE don’t drive while holding your phone/camera)

Supplies needed for cohort goals

Postit notes

Postit notes for bathroom mirror

Dry erase markers

Liquid chalk


dayam… this is an epic list!


This is awesome
Loved seeing the post it notes. Made me laugh.

I would find it helpful to hear a review where there are multiple of the same kind of item.

For example which gimbal is right for me?

Thanks for sharing.

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Just a thought I would throw in some sort of light box. I see a ton of youtubers that do not use them and when the lighting isn’t correct in the room it clearly shows. I do not do video’s and do not plan on it but I do plan on consuming the content :smile:.


i included a few different gimbals because people have brand preferences.

i’ve used gopro and the smooth 4.

smooth 4 is more versatile and almost a 3rd of the price as the gopro.

but for the other options i just threw up a cheap option and a more expensive option so that there is something for each budget and/or production quality needs.

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light boxes are included in one of the chroma key kits i listed above. i’ve used that kit on a few projects and wound up donating it to my robotics team so that they could make promo videos.

also, a ring light is more than sufficient if you are just vlogging and have normal room lights turned on in the room as well.


Start small. Don’t need to go full bore like I did… and then find you just don’t need somethings.

Incrementally add…

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indeed. none of this is “necessary”. all you need is a camera phone.
but like peter, i like to just go full bore :smiley:

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