Yes... I pre-ordered the iPhone Xs Max



lol. i stayed up. i got one. and now… i’m going to bed… i think.


never pre-order anything i guess #justsaying


Can someone help me understand why iphone has such LOW screen resolution?

My 4 year-old LG G3 has a higher screen resolution than the latest best iPhone XS MAX.

LG G3: (2560x1440), 534 ppi
iPhone XS MAX (2688x1242), 458 ppi



Congratz! :raised_hands:
I don’t have the previous X so I think this one is worth the update, would love to hear more about the screen. been using the 6S for about 3 years and a half now with no trouble except with the battery life. Added to bookmarks…


I generally prefer letting it ride a few months and have them work out all the kinks and “gates” before buying. Most times the components in the phone you buy on launch are often different from the same one you would buy 3-4 months later.


Too much money…were close to paying 2k for cell phones…thats crazy!


i got two of them.



Will you still buy when it hits 3,000???

What is your limit, man…WHAT IS YOUR LIMIT???


Congratulations, that is an amazing phone. I always liked the camera on the I phone.


I rock the note 8…discounted almost a year after it came out.
Sammy and Apple are going higher and higher!

I may have to go back to burner phones lol