Yes, it is official. The wifey is interested in crypto economy


About over two months ago, I opened a topic to get my wife interested in Bitcoin.
She just did not see the potential at all and thought I was a weirdo.
It was some nerd crap :smiley:
Today after breakfast…

Do you want to get some Ethereum?
Me: How do you know Ethereum?
You know Putin and Ethereum :smiley:
Me: Oh interesting, Now you are interested… :smiley:

She will get her first BTC hopefully haha.
To the mooooooooon.

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Haha thats awesome! I havnt gotten so far! Im still in the nerd zone at the moment…!!


I got my wife’s attention when I made in the first week of doing cryptos, 700 USD profit on a 1600 USD investment, since then she has put in several 1000 USD, which is a lot of money for her.

Now she always updates me on what the NEO price is doing during the day.


Gonna call your first kid NEO too, right?


I would call him/her Bitcoin :smiley:


Haha, not planning on getting any kids (I got two bonus kids already) but when I’m getting a pet, I’ll definitely consider it haha


excellent. very excellent. this is only the beginning!