Yes! Our D3 antminers just arrived! What miningpool do you recommend?

Me and two of my friends just got our D3-antminers. One each. (Still waiting for the power supplies to arrive as well though). Crypto-lifestyle here I come! :star_struck:

Anyone here familiar with the D3-miner? Are you using a miningpool? Which one do you recommend in that case? We were thinking about NiceHash or ProHasing? Advantages / Disadvantedges ?

Grateful to hear about your experiences and thoughts! :pray::hearts:


Yo. That miner tho. @ImaginaryPi


Yeah… we’ll see if it will give anything in return or even out what I paid for it, since the difficulty for Dash is like skyrocketing every other day. But I’m excited to know more about how I make the best of it and learn more about mining! :slight_smile:


Nicehash is probably the easiest to set up. The down side is they have higher fees. So it’s up to you if you would like to pay a little more for simplicity.

Here are some other pools you can check out:


You will want to select a pool that is close to you.


Due to me trying to increase my BTC holdings I just use NiceHash as I do not have to worry about trading the alt coin for BTC and then doing transfers I put in my ledger address and forget about it.



So, this is a n00b mining question, once I set my D3 miners up using my laptop, does my laptop need to be on and connected to that network for the miners to continue mining? If so, has anybody had success using a raspberry pi to keep their ASIC miners mining? I would like to be able to use my laptop elsewhere while having a cheap computer connected to the mining rigs, if necessary.

Also, in a youtube discussion with Roger Ver, he mentioned that ASCIS can fry (@ImaginaryPi also mentioned this happened to his friend’s ASIC miners in another thread, although not sure which kind of miner) if the ASICs are suddenly disconnected from the internet or if there are no mining blocks to mine. This was part of his explanation as to why there are currently empty blocks on Bitcon Cash’s ledger. So, has anybody else experienced frying an ASIC? This is concerning to me because sometimes the internet will need to be reset for no apparent reason and we also have bad thunderstorms and hurricanes in Florida. I would like to be able to leave my miners mining with peace of mind. If I am out of town I can’t really rely on my tech challenged parents to reset my miners. Does anybody know of a sort of switch to power off miners if the internet cuts off?

Many questions, but I do appreciate any feedback. I hope that setting up your D3 miners and mining has been fun and successful for y’all. :slight_smile:

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I did some hobbyist mining on Slush’s Pool way back in 2013/2014. I had a fantastic experience, felt informed throughout the process, had great tutorials, and felt like I was respected as a participant. Slush’s Pool eventually formed to the group that made Trezor hardware wallets, which I also believe to be a fantastic device.

My personal recommendation is Slush’s Pool :slight_smile:

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Once you setup your antminer to mine you dont need to keep your laptop connected, you set it up via the router so as long as it is plugged into the router you are good to go.

roger ver is a puppet and will sell his soul for bcash, no they dont fry. His biz partner is bitmain, the maker of your miner. You are fine, you will see in the setting things shut off when the temps hit 80



Okay, thanks so much for this info, @wpgsteve :slight_smile: I appreciate the mining pool link too. Do you only mine Dash or have you ever tried mining other coins with your D3?

@ImaginaryPi Do you have any more info on your friend’s fried ASIC miner? Like, which kind it was, and perhaps why or how it got burnt?

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He said it was a Baikal X11-X13-X14-X15. He believes that the basing and potting in the ASIC chip was bad and it wasn’t able to sink heat.


i would not use nicehash… they are just going to siphon your profits converting whatever you mine to BTC. if your mining with GPUs, then nicehash is a great option.

you have a freaking asic… a D3… just mine dash! and get the profits before the difficulty spikes to oblivion.

id mine with

prohash isnt bad. alot of people stay away from it because they seem to go offline for “maintenance” alot


Okay, thanks for this info. I have heard similar stories on bitcointalk about those Baikal box miners, even one burning up some other mining equipment in somebody’s basement. I feel bad for that guy. I was kind of concerned with that story after hearing what Roger Ver said about ASICs could burn mining Bitcoin Cash if no transactions (I imagine those are Bitmain Antminers he was referring to). However, I think Bitmain makes the highest quality ASIC miners if I am not misinformed. We shall see. My parents said they don’t mind the miners, but I think I will ask them if they have some sort of fire insurance, just to be safe, hehe.

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Hey, hey, hey, thanks for this info too! I feel you, I’ve been planning to mine Dash, but CannabisCoin seems kind of interesting too, like perhaps higher profitability according to the numbers on

Do you do any mining @JasonMasterNET ? Why is your choice? Im conscious of choosing the closest network, but of course I want the highest profitability possible.

One other general question I have pertains to security. I don’t expect these miners to make a whole lot of money, but is it possible for someone to hack my home network and steal my mining power? If I am just connecting these miners to my router, is there any way to set up a VPN for my home router? We have a password. I suppose I need to research mining security on my own, but any advice from the more experienced or experts here would be appreciated. Thus far, all that I can find on google is that some people’s computers and websites have become mining slaves by some string of code. Wild.


Okay, of course we can set up VPNs for our routers. Express VPN offers this service, we just have to set our router up. I previously thought VPNs were only for computers and phones.

This could be a nice Christmas present for my family, hehe :smiley:

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Hmm, interesting that the power supplies didn’t arrive at the same time as your miners, especially since they seem to always be in stock on Bitmain’s website. How much longer did it take for your power supplies to arrive? @Nebulosa

How has your mining experience been? Your profile says you are in Sweden so I imagine it is nice and cool and you didn’t need to step up the power to get your miners running. Any issues with noise?


Mining Dash in pools :

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I have 2 new D3 miners for sale. Let me know if you are interested.

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Why you need to sell them If you can get 17 usd for one day ?

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Sold 1 D3 miner. Just 1 left now. Let me know if you are interested.

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