Yes. We Have a Patreon! 🤩 👏 🎟 🚀



I see it!



:muscle: love to support you guys


I’m in it for the long haul, holding onto the nose cone of the rocket!!! :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket:


Thanks man for joining. This is going to be one hellava ride!:rocket:


Soooooo, yeah , been away on work for a few days then I read you’re doing some big stuff!

Sneak Peak of the Lighting Show I was operating whilst away.

Sounds really good, infact this could be huge. I think the wider crypto community is really seeking what you guys have planned. Anyways Just joined now that I’m back at my laptop.

Let the games begin


I did it yoooo :facepunch:


Can I haz?
Automation much?
j/k keep up the good work!


the server polls a few times a day. it should be updated in a bit. :slight_smile: YOU ROCK!


Can’t you just have the planes go in circles while you stop by to visit us?! :upside_down_face:


Does that also apply for a pub cockroache? (under $5)


Yes. Even for those… … :slight_smile:


Ok, got my email accounts with Patreon in sync. Hopefully, in a few hours I’ll see my badge here.


how do i get my name like others with a patreon symbol? I’m already contributing?


testing. See if my username have patreon…


are you using the same email address in both systems?


I have changed it, so its the same. But its not reflecting the changes? @john


i see it. :slight_smile:
22 PM

make sure to re-upload your avatar.


Hi @john

Change my Avatar. Just reuploaded it.




@john Thanks for your help. I owe you one.