Yes. We Have a Patreon! 🤩 👏 🎟 🚀



You’re a real gangsta. :wink:


Patreon #298 is here! :joystick:


WHoot!! Thanks so much friend!!!


@john could you try to sync e-mails agaaain?

perty pleease? :slight_smile:


^^ deploying an update. i’ll give it a spin. :stuck_out_tongue:


you’re all good:

49 PM

glad to have you on the space ship!


Yooo - it’s not approving my monthly Patronage… Tried 2 different cards and paypal now :frowning:
Anyone else having problems?


There we go - went through now… weird :S


Glad to have you onboard my friend! You’re making this all possible!


Cheers - been aboard almost since the beginning my man - was lucky enough to stumble into the pub on a crawl, back in aug/sept - just been crossing e-mails, so my Patreon badge wasn’t showing #BlockchainIT! :stuck_out_tongue:


Guys! I am finally onboard! How do I get the Patreon logo by my profile photo?


You wait patiently until our systems refresh!


Are you using the same email address for both services? That’s how I connect them and validate via API.


Yup! Same email address.


I think I might have the same issue :wave:.


Looking good :sunglasses:.


I just upgraded from pirate to cryptonaut

Sorry guys for being Dutch and a cheap ass, I first needed some more ICX gains :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not more than fair to give back to the infrastructure that helped to create those gains.

Maybe one day a quartermaster :wink:


thank you sir! appreciate your support… and obviously… if ICX continues to go the way it’s going… … i like sushi and steak.


Sushi and steak is on me regardless :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


cool - jumped onboard today also - now watching my avatar every time I come here :slight_smile:

I’ll be in Hong Kong next week so Sushi and steak sounds great


upgrading sounds like a good idea, count me in :slight_smile:

stopped crawling, going pirate :smile: about time to go one step further.