Yes. We Have a Patreon! 🤩 👏 🎟 🚀



How does you icon have a Patreon icon in it now? Still waiting on the Founding Member badge here too. @john


Make sure you’re using the same email address for both sites!


How much percent of every patreon subscription does patreon take?


Hi John,

I signed up as QuarterMaster yesterday and my avatar hasn’t changed. It was definitely the same email address.

Just wanted to confirm if this takes days or should have changed by now - cheers


Great question:


I can check the API… one sec.


New member here. ICX for the win…so far I’m up bigly! Figure the least I can do is show a little love back.


what level do i need to be to earn my badge?


if you’ve used the same email address then just give the API a sec :baby_chick: to refresh.


I feel like i’m Impatient but it’s been 2 days now and the API hasn’t refreshed :frowning:


Dm me… we’ve had issue that were outside of our control and have had to ping patreon as their systems were borked. Done this with a few patrons unfortunately.


ive reviewed all my APIs… and webhooks. everything is squeaky clean…

ooph… :thinking:


Hey John, my avatar isn’t showing my patreon status? I’m assuming it takes a few days to update?


when i got mine, it showed up when i´d set my avatar again, maybe this helps


uh… what?

in terms of patreon, you have to wait for hte first of the month to be charged. right?


I thought the first payment date was a little weird when I signed up for the Patreon last week. Why would they make the first charge at the end of the first month instead of day one? I figured I’d just have to wait for my Patreon status & access to Patreon-only areas for a month.


I’m a patreon contributor under a different e-mail address. How can I merge my alias?


Make sure you use the same email address for both services!


Nope. Patreon doesn’t allow two accounts with the same payment method. No biggie. I can remain “anonymous”


Finally signed up for Patreon I used the same email address is there anything else i need to do? To sync it with the pub?