Yobit is coordinating their own planned pump and dumps


YoBit exchange leads a pump?

…wow. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

The comments on that tweet are gold.


I just received an email from YoBit as well, informing me of their intended pump. They’re treating it somehow as if they’re doing their users a favor. :joy:

I hope they get permanently shut down for this. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


I can appreciate their open honesty about this. It’s happening across most (if not all) exchanges, but they’re the only ones admitting it. :joy:


I just got this in my In-Box from YoBit…


Anybody else raise an eyebrow at an exchange itself advertising and leading a coin pump and dump scheme?


I lost a decent amount of money on that exchange when I was new this. Stay away unless you invest in the one that you cant withdraw for a while.


For me it looks like a marketing move, bad one tho…


@Nathan_D thanks for the move to this topic. I was so surprised by the email I didn’t even think to see if anybody else mentioned it!

I signed up for YoBit as one of the first three exchanges ever when I first got into cryptos – so long ago, I forgot why I never went back to the site…this guy’s tweet reminded me exactly why:



I got it too






anyone wants to play the game use my link


I’m not willing to risk my BTC on this exchange just for possibilty of quick money-grab.