Your Intro to the BitUnits Club



What’s up CryptoNation?

We would like to introduce you to BitUnits.Club
A cryptocurrency project and experiment aimed at building community and on-boarding newcomers into the crypto ecosystem.
We launched on July 7 2018 and since our launch we have been getting much love from the crypto community. So we decided to expand our reach after seeing that this project has a lot more potential than it seem to have at its conception. As more and more people express their interest in this project we gain more grounding for the foundation. The initiative for BitUnits was realized because we found that we could help with on-boarding the individuals who were on the sidelines looking in but too afraid to take the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. So we planned on launching BitUnits, a digital asset that wouldn’t cost those individuals anything, yet providing so much value in the fact that they would:

  1. own a part of this revolution.
  2. be able to learn how to setup a wallet and experience what it is like to receive, store, send and later on trade a digital currency.
  3. take initiative in learning about this technology and ecosystem because they now have a share in it.
  4. meet, share experiences and learn from others who are into crypto and those who have been around for a longer time (like Peter).
  5. be apart of the development of an organically grown community and organically valued digital asset.

We the people are the ones who give currencies their value through our belief. So BitUnits may gain value in the future organically.
Without an ICO or any kind of sale to get it circulating. It is a currency for everyone. Those who are too afraid to buy crypto, those who already own crypto, but most importantly those people who are facing an economic crisis and can not afford to buy or mine any crypto at all.

This is our purpose, this is our mission, to share this technology with the world, so that every one can be a part of this revolution.

We are now in our token distribution, community building phase.

Claim your tokens and join the club today!

We will keep the Cryptonation updated in this thread. DEX listing date coming soon.
Temporarily centralized, to build the community.

Token name: BitUnits
Symbol: UNITS
Total Supply: 10,000,000
White paper
Type: ERC223 ETC Blockchain


1956 Transactions Processed, over 1500 UNIQUE Individuals HODL BitUnits and growing.


82% of BitUnits holders are new to the crypto ecosystem. We aim to on-board many more.


In our growing community I have gotten the chance to connect with people from all around the world, people in Indonesia, in India, people from south America, Africa and Australia. So many wonderful people who tell me how happy they are that this technology exists. They see their hard work and value going to nothing because they have governments who hyper-inflate their currencies. Their stories of how hard things are echoes in my mind. They tell me how much they appreciate that I am trying to make a difference for them and this makes me smile.
I created BitUnits for this very reason to teach these people about this great technology. With the organic growth of our community being the model for our project, we are trying to attract people who would otherwise not get involve in crypto because of lack of capital to do so. We think we can actually help people in need with cryptocurrency and even though we haven’t been added to an exchange yet and we are still building our foundation, these people already see the potential in our project. We aim to continue this initiative to reach more of these people because we know that when we reach certain milestones, these people will benefit from our hard work and dedication to making BitUnits a true border-less global currency for the emerging markets.

If you would like to help us reach more of these individuals, why not become an ambassador?


Update on BitUnits Listing.

We are coming soon the Saturn Protocol aka a Decentralized exchange built on ETH and ETC chains. Read more here:


Hey @peter and CryptoNation. Get your BitUnits now. All I need is an ETC wallet address from Trust wallet or Saturn Wallet or MEW
BitUnits are ERC-223 Tokens Power by Ethereum Classic.
Listing soon on V.2 a 0 fee Decentralized cross-chain exchange.

Thanks for the Shoutout on DCTV @peter

ps: not a scammy scam! lol


I guess you’re asking for a DM from people in the pub?


No,I didn’t, But they can DM me if they like.


Cryptonation, Please DM for the BitUnits


Can I send you some BitUnits Peter? It would be an honor if owned some.


2.7 Million BitUnits available.


Bitunits is LEGIT, this is going to be BIG… no doubt about that…



We ask Every New BitUnits Hodler this question.

Forms response chart. Question title: Are you new to the cryptocurrency ecosystem (less than 1 year)?. Number of responses: 2,908 responses.


Check out our revised Whitepaper and come join us on Telegram to stay up to date on our plans for the Cryptocurrency ecosystem. We are on-boarding people from all walks of life. Our Goal is to make the whole world a Crypto world. Adoption is key, Join the club.


Take a Survey and Earn 250 BitUnits (UNITS) Now!


Picked up 5,000 free tokens in one of their fun contests today.
Someone else gained access to the wallet at the same time but I moved them just before they did.
Great fun and I hope all goes well for BitUnits.


Someone else gained access to the wallet? What wallet was that?


It’s a game… this is how it works: ‘Let’s play a game… Let me explain how to play the game
This game is a puzzle
you will get 12 words that are scrambled
they will not make sense
you must unscramble these 12 words once you unscramble the words you must go into trust wallet and create a new wallet by going into settings and clicking the + icon
you do not choose a new wallet,
you will choose import wallet
then multi-coin wallet
it will ask you for the 12 words
you must figure out the correct order for the words once you entered the 12 words correctly you will gain access to a wallet with 5000 BitUnits in it. and a small amount of ETC for gas so you can transfer the BitUnits out of the wallet to your personal wallet. The first person to do this gets the money.
but everyone has the same opportunity.’