Z9 Mini Burst into Flames!+ Fake Bitmain Warranty + Poorly Built Hashboards



You buy a car.
After three months, engine blows up.
You go back to the car company and say “My engine is blown up and won’t start”.
Their response is " We do not cover blown up engines under warranty Sorry!

I bought a few Z9 mini miners (first batch) this year from Bitmain.
This was mainly for learning purposes and curiosity.
And one of them caught on fire today.
See the photos below.

Board removed. You can see the black burn mark on the side of the box(inside).

Front of the hashboard(PCB)

The back exhaust frame

The back of the hashboard (PCB)

So at this stage. I am stuck with a Z9mini with 2 hashboards for that unit(chains some call it).

I understand nothing lasts forever.
Things do fail.
But I expect it to last more than 3 months!
Especialy a unit like this needs to be better than this?
Pretty disappointed.
Icing on the cake - Bitmain does not cover this under warranty…
They won’t replace it under warranty if the hashboard is burnt.

So what is the point of having a warranty then?
Has anybody else experienced similar issues?
Is this common?

I am glad I did not use their coupons to buy more of these.
Stay away from Bitmain.


Mine are still running, but now I’m getting a little worried as they run 24/7 and I won’t be home for another 2 weeks.


Have you tried forcing an unexpected reboot?


What do you mean?
They were just running as usual.
Then I smelled the burning and they were all off.


I am thinking about buying one…but now I’m also a little dissapointed…with their price and the reason they’re built for they surely should last way longer and , at any rate, being put aside because they stopped being profitable not because they bursted into flames.

Not one time I had to worry about my videocards becoming a fire hazard, but what really annoys me is the fact they pretty much said “f*ck you, we’re not responsible for this”…really? who are the ones who chose material’s and component’s quality to build the ASIC in the first place and who are responsible for QA??

Have you got any idea whether this has any relation with a possible temperature excess or fan failure? Can you try finding a hashboard to complete the unit? that should work unless some other parts were also damaged. Try pushing bitmain harder, I mean if they’re not covering this under warranty the very least they should do is send you the parts so you can repair it yourself.


Nothing to do with fans.
The unit is perfectly fine & still works with 2 hashboards.
That hashboard just decided to crap itself.
If there was a temperature issue, I would expect the asic chip or around the legs of the asic chip would be the first to burn in most cases. Asic chip runs at 10-15 C higher than pcb temperature.
In my case, one of the pcb components failed and melted.


Hey pal!

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit busy.

I’ve talked to bitmain for some personal inquiries and made the most to ask about spare parts, they told me the sell them or (less recommended) you can buy them off of people on ebay who have the spare parts, so that you can at least fix your ASIC…I know, it sucks that they won’t cover the malfunction under warranty but is better than nothing