Zcash mining for Nvidia cards


Wasted resource no more… :smile: it now has a new purpose, bring on the Zcash!!!


I’ve just started mining the Zcash using that same tutorial. I got 0.00013 ZEC in less than 10 minutes, what hardware are you using? Is there a website to calculate Hash/rate and potential returns? I too wanna know if I should be booking my Lambo soon. :wink:

zcash.flypool.org indicates I’m getting 573 H/s. If that is the Hash rate what does the Speed 672 Sol/s mean in the Miner software?


Check out this new topic.

We are mining with GTX 1070s.


Go here

http://zcash.flypool.org/miners/[insert address] this will give you a nice dashboard and you can view payout figures which will only update once you get a payout which is 0.01 zec at your current rate probably get 1 payout per 18 hours roughly. The mining rig console will show you how quick you mined a particular block the pool gave you. The dashboard will provide an average which improves over a 24 hour period. The console and what you see on flypool don’t always align

Edit: if you have android phone (apple may have an app) you can install a flypool app that will link to your mining dashboard and give you readouts


Sadly I do not even have a graphic card, this is all cpu mining, it was more of an experiment really, the computer at work is always on so i thought i’d try a few different things.

I wish i had been into bitcoin etc years ago when i joined the company, i may have mined enough for a huge night out :slight_smile:

Here are the results so far, just for the lols.



Monero desktop gui is also mining but its so low the software doesnt even show it.

I also installed Storj, you can rent your hard drive space out, but again you need Terrabytes of space for it to actually make anything of it.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the work pc is left on all the time and theres no electricity costs, its really not going to allow you quite the day job JUST yet :slight_smile:


Wow, the CPU mining really doesn’t do it does it. How long did you leave it going? Is that after a day or hour? Here’s the dashboard for my 1xGPU after 1 hour:


Almost tempted to get another GPU, the problem is I’ll need a new motherboard, the one I have is only mATX.


I’ve been running it all week since Monday pm and just leave it running and switch the screen off, and despite being clunky, it doesn’t crash often, but to summarise, CPU mining, basically pointless, get a GPU, estimated earnings would be

Minute 0.00000 $0.00 ฿0.0000
Hour 0.00002 $0.01 ฿0.0000
Day 0.00050 $0.12 ฿0.0000
Week 0.00348 $0.85 ฿0.0002
Month 0.01492 $3.64 ฿0.0008

Minute 0.00001 $0.00 ฿0.0000
Hour 0.00049 $0.12 ฿0.0000
Day 0.01164 $2.84 ฿0.0006
Week 0.08149 $19.86 ฿0.0043
Month 0.34924 $85.11 ฿0.0184

Well that was fun :slight_smile:


1080TI is the best card for mining zCash today.
My ring doing 740H/s per card or 4440H in total ~18/day with the current price of zec

Waiting 7 more GPUS this monday .

Average cost return ~1 month per GPU


560H/s with a gtx 970 260 sol/s and a gtx 1070 490sol/s
Estimated earnings
Minute 0.00001 $0.00 ฿0.0000
Hour 0.00049 $0.11 ฿0.0000
Day 0.01180 $2.53 ฿0.0006
Week 0.08257 $17.68 ฿0.0043
Month 0.35387 $75.78 ฿0.0182

with 500W total power usage


Hey team! I am having trouble getting EthOS to mine Zcash on flypool. Anyone have some experience? I am using nvidia cards as well 1050 ti, not that it matters, but is relevant to this thread i believe :wink: lol



It’s relevant here. Tell us the problems you are having and what you’ve tried.



In EthOS I set in my local.conf

globalminer claymore-zcash
proxywallet xxxxx
proxypool1 us1-zcash-flypool.org:3333

When the rig reboots then it never starts hashing, when I check in on the ethos online status it says there is a pool connection problem.

Unfortunately there is not any documentation on flypool’s site about ethos settings.

I had hoping to glean some knowledge from you who are doing what I would like to try!



New settings tried based on similar examples i have seen on some forums.

I have been mining eth with the default settings, but am really wanting to give zcash a go

globalminer ewbf-zcash
proxywallet myzcashaddress.1050ti05
proxypool1 us1-zcash-flypool.org:3333
proxypool2 eu1-zcash-flypool.org:13333
poolpass1 x
poolpass2 x
flags --cl-global-work 8192 --farm-recheck 160


Mining Zcash

Update ethOS.
Get started with the Quick Start Guide.
Set globalminer claymore-zcash or miner [worker] claymore-zcash in config.
Set proxywallet to your zcash wallet.
Set proxypool1to your zcash pool (example pools: flypool and nanopool).
Optional: Set -i flag to set intensity: flags -i 3 OR flg [worker] -i 3
If you experience crashing, revert to all stock clocks, check again, then revert to stock bios (flip GPU bios switch).

From their website.


Currently, I have got the half of the ETH farm (66 rigs - AMD480, 470 and GTX1080ti, 1070, P106) to mine ZEN instead of ZEC because the diff level is much lower and I can get more coins quickly per day. The other half of the farm sells XMR hash at Nicehash.

All rigs mines on smOS Linux using Optiminer 1.7 and sgminer-gm-v5.5.5-NH for AMD cards, and ewbf v034b and ccminer v2.2 for NVIDIA cards.

See them in action here - https://luckpool.org/workers/znXDyJWDLMFcPYnfjV5HkjCpjwdzgHxP82v


Yes have tried that, I was first going off their documentation for it. Thanks so much for the help :slight_smile:


Which 1080 ti card are you using? Thanks!


Sorry to spam family, but I am stoked to be doing this! Anyone have experience with this card for mining zcash?

I am currently using 1050 ti by zotac, but I am thinking I need to start upgrading!


Gigabyte OC is my favorite so far, next coming Palit Gaming (I like the cooling but the GPU is like 2x of the size of Gigabyte :D)


profit on ZEN vs ZEC ?