Zcash mining for Nvidia cards


I tried downloading this but Windows detected a virus with the latest version. The forums don’t indicate anything but it still is a bit unnerving. What do you think?


Did you download it from google drive or Mega?


I tried through Mega at first but Google Chrome warned me not to. Then I tried Google and Windows said it detected a virus.


I’ve never had a problem and I’ve always scan anything that I download. Use at your own risk I guess. Maybe check an older version?


Hey there! I hung out in EthOS IRC today for a couple hours, and learned a lot!

First I was setting my miner to claymore, for Nvidia they told me to do ewbf

Next turns out my flypool problem was my fat fingers and then over looking the ‘.’ rather than a ‘-’ in the URL

Now I am mining Zcash!

Thanks again for the help, I am sure now I will have more questions coming :wink:


Thank you for your insight, are you overclocking these 1080 ti cards?

I am wanting to add one of these to my rig, if I could get my ROI in a couple months on the card it would be so worth it.

Right now I am using five 1050 ti, and although this was an affordable intro to prove the concept for me, I am already wanting to beef it up.



I could not help myself, I had to upgrade :slight_smile: I am a little hooked now and pretty stoked to be involved more than just investing and some day to day type use.


For those of you mining using the Zcash flypool GUI on Win 10 X64, how did you set up your account to send to your wallet? I put my wallet address into the .cfg file and ran the miner all day while at work. I checked the website (http://zcash.flypool.org/miners/t1QmwNgVc6VrhTuGgL9so7jeVz1BYcN3dP) and it seems like I must’ve done something incorrectly as I’ve apparently earned no Zcash. Can someone help me out with this please?


Which miner are you using @zorobushi?




So I’ve been running the Zcash miner for a bit now, I’ve noticed that the payout is very similar to what I was earning using Nicehash, but Nicehash pays out in BTC. I believe that BTC has a much better long term viability than Zcash, so I’m considering going back to Nicehash. What is everyone’s opinion on this?


Same here. Got 3 rigs of 1070s running on nicehash


What is Nicehash mostly mining? Mine is going for Decred–I wonder if it’s best to just try to mine Decred straight up rather than going through a middle man?


Nicehash makes mining super easy and you don’t have to manually switch to the most profitable coin to mine. You trade a percentage of your earnings for convenance. You also get paid to BTC, the gold of crypto currencies. I don’t think anyone here would bash you for choosing Nicehash. If they do, let me know :wink:


If you are about to mine zCash via Nicehash then direct mining would be better …


I was comparing mining Zcash using EWBF to mining via Nicehash, which has an algorithm that determines which coin is best to mine at that time with your GPUs. My anecdotal comparison is that both return the same USD value, but Nicehash pays in BTC versus Zcash. My argument is that BTC is more viable than Zcash in the long run so I was trying to get some feedback that may counter that.


Is there a fee to transfer it into btc? I ask because you can set up a shapeshift transfer for zcash to btc and then mine to that zcash address.
It will show up as btc in your receive address.
There would be a fee each time though.


Nicehash shows you the profits of the current day … generally speaking self mining is more profitable long way. More generally speaking as anonymous payment system zCash is more value than BTC :smiley:


If you want to cash out per se then wouldn’t you need to trade it in for BTC then USD?

@WriteHow We’ll how to agree to disagree–nothing will top BTC in my opinion.


Yes but you can collect and trade on a peak. Again you will get more proffit than via NiceHash.

Do your maths and what you believe, overal pool mining > cloud mining

In terms of anonymity BTC is far from been one (yet) .