Zcash vs zencash

Any thots on zcash vs zencash? Both serve same function…


to me they’re both the same, in terms of tech - have a look at the article:

#theseforkingcoins :slight_smile:


Thanks! Very helpful!


A few cool things about Zencash - -

  1. Has the option of sending transparent ( from Bitcoin blockchain heritage ) or shielded transactions ( using zk-snarks from zcash )

  2. Encrypted Messaging is enabled through a system of Distributed Secure Nodes, and node operators receive 3.5% of the mining rewards.

  3. Secure & Anonymous Publishing is enabled through IPFS.

  4. Decentralized Governance model awards 8.5% of mining rewards to the ZENCASH Treasury - which is being used to fund operations, development and marketing.

See more on their forum - - https://forum.zensystem.io/

They also host bi-weekly community updates streamed live on YouTube & Discord - -here’s a recent one - -

The team is global, SUPER SMART and very active in the crypto community, presenting at conferences and meetups all over!

Here’s one of the co-founders Rob Viglione at the Cryptocurrency World Expo 2017 speaking about the decentralized governance and treasury model…

Here’s another co-founder Rolf Versluis presenting at the Texas Bitcoin Conference - -

Shout Out to Joseph from https://www.cryptohwwallet.com/ - Check out those leather hardware wallet cases!! :grin::star_struck:


this coin is so underrated.


I think so too! A lot of people aren’t clear on the unique features and capabilities - that it’s more than money.

And I often see ZENCASH being confused with similar names like zcash, zclassic, zerocoin, now there’s ZEN protocol lol…

But there’s been a ton of development and progress on their Roadmap, there’s a new website and logo design…

AND I’m super excited about the new partnership with IOHK on a series of R&D - starting with a Decentralized Governance/Treasury Model and Scalability Study!! #Pioneers

Charles Hoskinson ( Cardano, ETC, ETH, BitShares )
was already an active Advisor for ZENCASH, so I believe this will be a strong partnership that will produce great things.


yea mikey got charles to comment about zencash and rolf on the boxmining live stream last night. i like the whole concept of treasury, but by making it open source and allowing other coins to adopt it, how do you think that will effect zencash’s uniqueness?


The Future With A Side of Zen


Yess, very cool podcast! Zencash is sponsoring it now, putting those treasury funds to great use lol!


They will still be among the firsts to pioneer the development and implementation of these concepts…It’s still very early on in this experiment, and so I think the more contributions the better!

Right now this “radical transparency” allows us to learn from each other as we build these tools and systems.
The ZENCash team ( and myself also ) have researched the way other projects like Dash and Decred are implementing their decentralized treasury and governance models…

Also that is only one aspect of ZENCash that makes them stand out from other projects. They have over 9k secure nodes, and now they’ve added super nodes - which have stricter requirements and higher rewards for maintaining them…and will bring network, economic, and technical improvements across the network.

They were among the first cryptos to have their own mobile wallet, and encrypted messaging - Encrypted publishing through IPFS is right around the corner.

Another first for ZENCash - - they have an actual Help Desk where you can get tech support from a REAL person 24/7!

Check it out - -


It’s like @peter says - - there are no competitors, just options. :smile:


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