Zoe makes a video for the Crypto Nation from the Girl Scout Nation



Crypto Nation
Check out my daughter’s invitation to the CRYPTO NATION.

What’s up Crypto Nation from the [Girl Scout Nation]

Our family loves the Bitcoin Pub & The Crypto Nation.
They think @peter is funny mispronouncing “da booins” because they go to a dual language school (Korean & English).

My daughter has learned a lot about the crypto nation from hearing me talk about it and hearing my friend, Peter Saddington, do some Live Streams. (I know my wife and @booins aren’t fond of too much swearing. Its ok. My choice to allow the kids to hear some of this salty language. Gotta let a man be free. Be free @peter)

She invites the crypto nation to participate in the Girl Scout Nation.

You can order here.

Any order is truly appreciated. Zoe will be very encouraged.

Love to you all in the Crypto Nation!


Sweet video and cute daughter. Who wouldn’t want to buy GS Cookies after that video. Great job Zoe.


Thank you @JosephD for the encouragement.


I will order some post-haste! this is fantastic!


Photos from the making of the video.


ahhhh she is too cute!!!


This is too much! I will order now! @booins


Aw, thanks to you @peter and @booins


We gotchu fam. Love your lil doge! She’s perfect!


Hahahaha!!! @Loppnow John! This is awesome! Although being a Type 2 Diabetic, I won’t be able to enjoy them myself, but i’m sure I have a few friends to hand them out to that will and do love them! Just ordered!

To Zoe, Thank you for your wonderful presentation! You are awesome! Reppin the the Crypto Nation Proud!


This is awesome! Thank you. Zoe was smiling for everyone’s participation. She is glad you allow Girl Scout cookies in your home. :slight_smile:


Much appreciation. Zoe is happy.
Me too.
Grateful for this Crypto Nation Family.


Thank you the booins.
My wife and kids think its funny (and incorrect). My daughter especially keeps wondering why does he add an s to 부인

Glad our connections can grow in this crypto nation family.

Nice to “meet you” @booins


@peter & @john I wonder how we can inspire my wife to become a part of the crypto nation directly rather than just via me.

@booins you got any ideas? Maybe a shout out to her?
Or, appeal to my kids (Zachariah & Zoe). If you get Zoe’s attention, my daughter will keep asking my wife, Sungshim. Lets collaborate and do this.


Sweet! They are fast!



@Loppnow smashed that order button for the little doge!


Just got 3 thin mints and a tagalong!


This is awesome. Super grateful!


you guys are awesome! Giving back. Love you all!


damn… they don’t mess around. already got a shipping notification.