Zotac Zbox Magnus 1060

Do you think it’s possible to mine with something with that? I bought one to be used as home server/media station, but since it ships also with a GTX 1060, I’m curious. What you think?

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It really depends on how that graphics card is configured into the system. If it’s setup as a normal PCI card, then you shouldn’t have any problem.

You could definitely mine with the CPU and be profitable mining the CryptoNight algorithm, but you might only make ~$1 a day. That’s of it ships with the 1400 Ryzen 5. If its the 1600 Ryzen 5 it would be even more profitable.

Please keep us updated about the graphics card mining. Would be curious.


I guess it’s a normal PCI card, anyway I’ll keep you posted!

Regarding CPU mining, where can I find a good calculator? I’ve some servers with 72 cpus for free and I was wondering if I could use them to mine. Honestly I’m a complete newbie of mining, just trading until now :slight_smile:

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Really the only algorithm worth mining with CPU is the CryptoNight algorithm. That’s monero, aeon, Electroneum, Karbowabac, Sumokoin. Check out http://monerobenchmarks.info to get the specific benchmarks for the CPUs. Then you can plug in the total into whattomine.com and see what’s most profitable.

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