Zuhex - Buy, Sell and Trade Digital Currency - Coming Soon from the Dropil.com Team!

Easily buy & sell crypto

We make buying or selling a breeze with features designed to make your life easier such as simple & pro modes, easy buy, alerts, and more!

This is just the beginning


Zuhex will offer the most intuitive and new-to-crypto friendly exchange interface in the space via Simple Mode. All the functionality you need , nothing you don’t. We created the Simple Mode interface to not intimidate newer users, but even advanced users will find the clean design the preferred way to execute basic actions, especially when on mobile or in other situations where you don’t need the full feature set of our free Pro Mode.


Crypto doesn’t need to be complicated, and the Buy/Sell features on Zuhex Simple Mode couldn’t make it more effortless to place buys or sells with confidence and ease.


Along with easy buy, we make setting up a recurring auto buy (or sell) as straightforward as possible. We felt there was significant value in giving someone interested in regularly adding to their crypto investments a tool so simple anyone could use it.


For serious traders and crypto enthusiasts we are pleased to present the most optimized exchange interface available anywhere with Zuhex Pro Mode. Pro doesnt mean paid, Pro is free for everyone! Pro does mean a highly customizable exchange UI full of advanced metrics and functions to give you the best possible tools of the trade… haha get it? Puns currently only available in Pro Mode.


Pro allows the custom application of a wide array of technical indicators to be overlaid on your graphs such as MACD, RSI, and more. Indicators can also be positioned independently of your main graph, as the entire layout can be set up anyway that works with your trading style.


Zuhex Pro includes the ability to set a multitude of alerts to ensure you never miss an important event. All good traders know that expedience is key, being able to generate customizable alerts gives you that edge.

Dive into the pro version

Dropil Token Incentives & Benefits


Our profit sharing program will be our way of giving back to loyal Drop token holders. More info on this program will come later.


Holding Drop tokens will be highly beneficial to frequent traders. Lower exchange trading fees when you hold Drops, pay fees in Drops, and trade on Dropil pairs.


Get first access to Zuhex hosted IEO seats by using Drop tokens to claim your place in line for new and upcoming crypto projects.

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