I’m an innovator, creator, educator, and curator. At times I take an unorthodox approach, with the understanding that the usual conventional route may not be as efficient as it once was. I try to expand on fundamentals that were taught to me, however naturally as a creative I look for ways to revolutionize everything I become a part of. I look for answers, solutions, and ways to enhance every aspect of my respected industries. I like to think the secret to my success is being “in tune” with the culture of said industries, and the speed they evolve at. My love for technology and business has allowed me to gain experience from various positions on the playing field within the entertainment business. Therefore please only view my resume as a small window to endless possibilities, as I only seek growth and the right opportunity to utilize all of my skillsets. My name is Daniel Portes I specialize in audio/film production, event management, content management, product strategy, and creative branding. Full Sail University is my alma mater, from which I graduated with a Recording Arts Bachelor of Science Degree.

Along this journey I’ve been blessed to work for numerous companies that are in distinctive niches within the entertainment industries. I’ve done it all from interviewing celebrities/athletes/executives on a world renowned media platform like TMZ, to specializing in revolutionary audio technology like Sennheiser’s HE1 “The Orpheus” and Devialet’s Phantom. For the past two years I’ve worked as a Film Teacher Assistant during the summer semesters at New York Film Academy, I’ve also worked as part of the event production staff for various USA TODAY NETWORK events. I also had the honor of demonstrating Sennheiser’s AMBEO, which is their virtual reality 3D audio technology. Through out all of this I’ve still been able to do freelance audio post-production, as well as maintain my own personal projects. I’ve worked for numerous record labels and publishers. Whether it was in an administrative data driven role or in a creative production role, I embodied what was expected of me and delivered results.

I am very passionate about the media industries, and all they have to offer. I enjoy every aspect of the business, from being a technician to being within the office. I’m extremely interested in sound design, journalism, broadcast as well as post-production for TV/Film. I’m captivated by the craft of sound engineering, yet I’m also intrigued by the business and branding behind every great product. Being that I come from this new independent era, I understand the importance of being diverse. Therefore I intend on learning as much as I can, as fast as I can. One never stops being a student in this game called life.

“The person who knows HOW will always have a job; the person who knows WHY will always be the boss.”– John Maxwell

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