:man_technologist:Whats up call me Bo you can find me Fist Pumping for bitcoins at the Jersey Shore!:sunglasses::fist::fist:

:nerd_face:Every day I am hungry for that crypto so I turn on decentralized tv :tv: while im chillaxing at the bitcoin pub :beers:, we snacking on some bitsize bitcoin :popcorn: popping some coinpuffs :stew: and waiting on that cryptoyum it’s gonna be the real dealio!:spaghetti:

In crypto since 2017 but I went in bigly! We all in here, I am spending hours a day trading and researching the market and trends in Crypto. Before I buy an altcoin I do my own feasibility study aka taste test and research the whitepapers, founders, teams and technology to see if its got that cryptoyum flava.

Looking forward to doing big things in the crypto space I have ideas on ideas on ideas, coming from my world there is going to be some blockchain changes and I plan to be at the forefront making my businesses better!

In 2007 myself and my 2 business partners formed The Ocean’s Six Group a team of real estate specialists at the Jersey Shore servicing all aspects of real estate.

Working thru one of the biggest economy collapses we built our business on hard work and consulting with our clients to work solely in their best interests to help the accomplish their goals. Currenly my team is 16 agents and 3 support staff and growing fast!

I also own 2 REMAX offices, opening a mortgage company, run a home flipping company and working on opening a title company and marketing firm in 2018.

Big things to come though we just getting started! Hit me up if you have any questions :sunglasses::beers:

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