I am Jeremie from Woonsocket, RI, I bought one Bitcoin, some Etherium, and a ton of Litecoin!

My to the moon goal is to save up enough money through bitcoin where I can start my dream of starting my business as a foam smith making awesome full contact weapons.

I love the excitement everyone has about this newish technology and how it can really help cut out the monopolies of VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and all of the other data processors out there along with the big banks, where I can pay you $1 for $1 in goods and services. I also like that people in this community make it really fun and are here to help each other out.

I found the Bitcoin Pub by googling bitcoin and something else but I don’t remember the other word I used haha.

💰 YEN · YouTube ·️ YEN.CAMP 🧠