COLOMBIA Cryptonation

Hi! I am an american living in Colombia for 10 years.
Yo se habla español.
Looking to connect with anyone else in the country. Hardly anyone has heard of bitcoin around here.
HEY DUDE IM IN CALI. YEAH MOST PEOPLE STILL THINK IS A FONZUI SCHEME OR Pyramid still there a lot of seminars that are trying to get people involve in the crypto world but I think they doing it wrong. glad to know more people from the pub are here .

HI Chacho and Ricardo, I am in Bucaramanga. Thanks for the welcome Angela, clicking all links. I plan to become a patron, or Cryptonaut. I dont want to miss out on that insider info.
I can imagine the schemes at work in this country that has been plagued with pyramids in the past. I hope to start regular informative bitcoin meetings for the fun of just chatting about crypto. I want others to feel the confidence of knowing what blockchain is and that you need to take care with schemers.
I’m in barranquilla. Lots of pyramid schemes here too, but there is an active meetup group and my facebook group for barranquilla has like 150 members. Lots of people know about bitcoin here at least, although lots of scams too.
great guys excited to have people from the pub so close. hopefully Colombia will make the jump and embrace Btc how is supposed to. @Peter yoooo you and the pub best Btc family I guess don know how else to put it (ecosystem)…