True life: I’m addicted to Cryptocurrency


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Okay seriously though. I think I might actually have an unhealthy addiction to this stuff sometimes. I’d say 3/4 times when i unlock my phone Im checking Blockfolio, when I’m at work, at home, with my girlfriend, or even between sets at the gym. I’m starting to think I need to discipline myself to NOT check it or limit it to maybe 1-2 times a day as its noticeably impacting my passions and in turn my mental state. I’m not a day trader, I hold all my coins in cold storage. So theres really no reason for me to be checking that frequently, or watching crypto analysis youtube videos, or reading articles about it several times a day. So I’m gonna make a pact to myself and to you fellow pubbers to reduce the amount of time i spend per day doing anything regarding crypto, and more time into my passions and other self education pursuits (not just investing / finance related). After all, money isn’t everything. Anyone else in the same boat lets keep on the rocket ship, but let’s focus on them other GOALS!
Makes me think of Day 66 B90x Facing Resistance!
Nice job! I’m in the same boat lol. I think just identifying your resistance or what is distracting you like peter said can help a lot. That way when you find yourself in that situation you are more aware and can react accordingly. Everything in moderation.
Part of me feels like I am winning the lottery slowly. It’s hard not to be excited by that and want to share in that exuberance with others.
My name is Peter. I’ve been addicted to Bitcoin since Nov, 2011.
I have been ethereum-free since January 2017.
I’ve been 10 months sober.
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The pain is real. I think I’m going to have to shut down for a week just to catch up on sleep. In the past week I have seen the absolute worse in humanity and the absolute best of humanity. There’s going to be movies made about this stuff.
I have been noticing the same thing. I absolutely love numbers, so when adding value to those numbers I just can not resist the need to watch them move. Even though I stopped trading and am just holding I still love to see those daily moves. I think this topic might have to become an entire section for people to talk about how it effects their life and any suggestions to help keep it under control. Thanks for sharing your experience though!
It will grow on you. I mean when I was a complete noob (I still am, constantly learning) in crypto, I checked and gazed upon my small portfolio almost 20 times a day. As it grew bigger and I started to see a thousand mark, it redused to like 10 times.
Right now, I’m doing it like 3-4 times a day, and still think that’s a lot. I became less attached to it emotionally and it reduced stress in me.
I will still do a daily checkup as I do an advanced portfolio research, but as bigger it gets the less stressful it becomes.
2-3 times a day as a HODLR should be more than enough just to check up on things. Now if youre day trading and waiting for THAT SPEFIC price than I get checking more than 10 times a day.
I put a hundred a week into crypto, and it feels like I’ve had a pay rise cos I was actually addicted before this.