When is mining better than just investing in bitcoin?

Looking through history, I would say that all the people who mined in the beginning would say that mining has paid off in the end.
It’s hard to say how much bulk purchase saved us. Time was a huge factor. A majority of our savings came from purchasing at the right time and finding the best deals.

Cool that is what I found is it is more about timing of the purchases.
What time Friday is your stream with BBT?
My business partner and I (EarthRise Crypto) have contacts in China. We are currently negotiating a bulk purchase of 13.5TH/s (ie. previous gen) models for 10th Jan delivery at $2k USD each.

I also believe this is the experience @peter and I are currently conducting. Is there, in fact, an advantage to starting out big in mining? Will the gain become exponential? Does having more than 1 miner on a pool impact share quantities? Lots of factors to consider.

Just wanted to provide a bit of data. Using my Zencash as it is what i am currently mining but received very similar results when I looked at this previously but this of course is only looking at one Algo and on two pools. HODL pool and Flypool.

1060BigRig = 3.3 shares per sol
MiniMiner = 3.32 shares per sol
Ryzen 2 = 3.35 shares per sol
Vega 1 = 3.292 shares per sol

Below is a picture of the 4 miners on the current block a snap shot in time of course but the range in miners varies between 300sols to 2000sols but the shares per sol is essentially the same. So for the Equihash algo it is extremely linear in the shares per sol.

image.png1222x347 15.6 KB

Hope this helps with your data gathering and experimentation. Again I saw the same results on Flypool mining Zcash.
Sweet. We don’t have to agree. That’s what makes the Pub sweet!
I think you hit on an important point though. This is a BUSINESS for us. Not a hobby. That does change things from a P/L perspective, which colors our decisions greatly.
Yes we agree there. Which I think it is important that our BIAS’s are stated because none of us are free of them.
Thats why the majority of my posts to you were trying to understand your thought process and why you were saying what you were saying.
I agree being a business completely changes things as Cash Flow and investors if any all play a role in things that a hobbyist doesn’t have to deal with.
I’ve said it before and I think it’s important to say again. I never promise to be objective. I promise to be fair :)
Thanks for the great conversation here though!
Why “1.Coin must not have huge gains during ROI period”? Higher coin value means shorter ROI period no
Because you are wanting to compare the earnings from investing in an altcoin versus investing in the mining rig. If you buy a mining rig for $3000 and the equivalent altcoin investment nets you 30 coins, your ROI amount is 30 coins, not $3000, technically.