[WIP] - EPIC Bitcoin Resource List! 🚀 💣 🔥

Crypto 101 - https://www.crypto101.io/
This site is a landing page no e-mail required for downloading an free book from github. Also has video from pycon on topic.
This is a start to finish exercise in understanding crypto with lots of math, but few code samples. goes over several types of basic crypto.
Hey man thanks for the post. I like the look of this site. Adding it now. You will be credited at the bottom of the list! Thanks for contributing
Yep. I was going to talk to you about that. The original list was created just for Bitcoin. I think we need to change it to “EPIC Cryptocurrency Resource List”. Agree? @john
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This is absolutely epic indeed. Now I need to take a sick day so I can spend an entire day going through these great links! Thank you all for this!
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