August 28, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - Movers this Week?


Good morning cryptonation!

These weeks go by so quickly, don’t they?
SO much happens within each week, you really have to sit back and look at what has transpired… and even more so, zoom out to see the larger picture.

In the beginning of a new week, I often find myself wondering what amazing things will happen this week.

What are your thoughts? Any big news? Any big movers this week? Or will we just succumb to the Korean BBQ effect all week…?


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Nothing happening this week man, its GHOST MONTH!!!
Just kidding 😂😂😂. I am hoping for some big moves on NEO and perhaps some news on ICO`s comming out on the platform.
Exciting times, thats for sure!
Looking to see some moves on Tenx, been hodling for a while.
Great time to be alive man, that’s all I have to say.
Good morning cryptonation! Im expecting some move on TenX, OMG and NEO! Lets see what happens…Im looking XMR closely too, have a big bag of them since 15$ im thinking about short and buy some more NEO!!! Have a nice week !
I’m new to the crypto world but from what I have seen over the weekend…Lite Coin had a nice gain. Its obvious that the 3 big coins (Bitcoin, Ether and Lite Coin) run the market. What I am interested in learning is what relevance do the other ALT coins have. Some ALT coins such as NEO are very exciting and have real world applications but what about the others? Any pointers would be appreciated.
Have a great day.
Explore the pub! We have great content right here, so you can learn, make your own research and start to take some positions! Good luck and welcome!
What the heck is Ghost month 😃 ?
Is it the Casper the friendly ghost? I don’t mind that.
Been watchin Neo and OMG… THey are really stable at the moment & ready to go to the moon.
T-10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 LIFT OFF!!!
I’m hoping tenx will get some love! their ambitions, business model, marketing is top notch
What do you think of tenX peter?
Missed the opportunity to get into OMG on/before the 10th. I saw some good consolidation since then and bought in 1000$ today.
@ThreeAndDone I think with any of the newer ALT coins it takes time for people to get behind them, if the ideas and applications backing them are sound they will become relevant by necessity. I think the primary drivers for an ALT coin making the transition to being one of the “Big Ones” is simply adoption and faith in the coin itself. I think there is sometimes too much emphasis being placed on moonshots, yes we all like to see healthy returns but I think the focus in our thinking should be geared towards the longevity of crypto currency and promoting its use in the mainstream. The sooner the mainstream narrative changes from cryptos “possibly” being a bubble to everyone accepting it and actively using it the better!

Why do yo think you missed the opprtunity to get into OMG?
It is still too young and the price is still way too low… Keep HODL’in.
Holiday weekend coming up, could be a pullback Friday…
Hope everybody is ready for a productive week!
Stay tune 👍:cool: