August 28, 2017 - ROLL CALL! - Movers this Week?

yoyoyo Germany reporting in.
Exciting days!
Happy to see LTC is preparing for takeoff. 🚀
Charlie Leeeee! ❤️
Edit: Mispelled Mr. Lee´s first name
had a meta moment on the commute this morning. what if I abandon ALT COINS and just dollar cost average into BTC, LTC, ETH, NEO?
That’s it. Done. I’d still be on the moon in 10-20y, right?
I’ve got some added Texas duties, my friends are “stuck” in Playa del Carmen until Wednesday, they were due to fly into Houston on Saturday, so I’m helping them with house and critters until they can get back.
Texans coming together to help each other, so light trading week for me.
Checking in from the North of Sweden, looking forward to OMG and NEO going up a bit this week. OMG up a bit today. Week will mainly be focused on my own company and checking crypto for 4-5 hours every evening and keeping the pub alive;)
All my TA says we could have some good upward movement in NEO, OMG, and PAY this week. Hoping for the best guys! If not this week then another week lol
Privacy coins are hot right now, PIVX seems interesting, market cap is really small compared to monero. Thoughts?