Coinbase charged me twice for transactions!


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Has anybody had this issue before?? On 6 of my transactions dating from Jan 25-Feb 5, I was again charged for those 6 today 2/14/18!! Quite alot of money to be charging me again. Those 6 transactions were already posted which I can see via online banking… so I DONT KNOW WHATS UP
It really looks like a double charge. When I click on those new transactions via online bank, I can see the dates and transaction id, and they match the ones that were already posted 2-3 weeks ago. How good is coinbase when dealing with these type of issues…
With credit cards, you have 90 days to dispute it.
I believe with ACH & debit cards, its much less 30-45 days.
I would call coinbase first and if not resolved you can call your bank.
Actually wait, tell coinbase to give you the BTC since you were double charged.
BTC was much lower, around the 7k-8k range.
You sir just made good gains!
not sure how that’ll work. wouldn’t they just give me btc in current value? I also already emailed them about my issues before you replied…
Also, the majority of those transactions were buying ethereum, except one. lol
I did not receive any btc or eth from that double charge, just to be clear, hah.
This literally just happened to me too!!! WTF, I am freaking out because the double transactions made me go to overdraft… on call with coinbase, hope this mess gets sorted out.
it’s quite ironic as well because I have also been charged twice from my January 26-February 5 transactions…
same exact thing over here. 9 transactions in that same time frame . i will be going to my bank in the morning to block them from using my card anymore & to get the double charges refunded. please everyone stay in touch on the matter.
I have called coinbase and got in touch with their representative. They said something along the lines that this has not just happened to me and their escalation team will look into it to resolve the matter. They also left me with 0 timeframe on when it will be fixed… They just told me to email their escalation team with screenshots to showcase this devastation. IDK if I can trust coinbase after a mistake like this anymore tbh
I gotta admit that I’m a little relieved I’m not the only but it pisses me off that this happened to us. Who knows how much money they charged in total. It’s over 1k for me.
This has happened to me today. 2.15.18. Coinbase has double charged my bank for identical transactions made in the previous month. I have spoken with a representative at coinbase and they told me to send proof of the double charge to the email that was sent to me. I am currently waiting to hear back. I wonder just how many people this has happened to recently. I will post again with the result as soon as I find out and if they follow through with refunding my money.
Same issue here. Charges posted to my account again today for purchases made on 2/6 and 2/9. Email with screen shot of charges sent to Coinbase customer service. Guess we will just see what happens? Anyone had this issue/had it resolved before; AKA someone please tell me I’m not SOL for what amounts to be quite a bit of money.
The same thing happened to me today! Ones dated for the 3rd of this month were taken out with the same purchase serial numbers!!!
I’m calling them once my bank opens because this is bs.
SAME HERE! It just charged me for all of my charges made from Jan 30 - Feb 2. So someone HAS spoken with CB Customer Service?? Please everyone, keep us updated! I have bills that were supposed to come out and this will most likely have us in red (aka getting Overdraft charges).
I was taken for 4 or 5 double charges by Coinbase as well… I hope this is resolved quickly and fairly as I am seriously not trusting them now.