Coinbase charged me twice for transactions!

Same here. I got double charged 2 times $756 the bank shows them to have identical transaction numbers however when I open up my coinbase account there’s only one listed $756 buy. I notified the bank and that now I have to do a police report. I’m going to have to make sure to closely watch any buys I make from coinbase from now on. I’ll keep you guys updated on what happens
I’m glad my card worked at in n out last night as I was already in the negative balance without knowing, funny thing is, I dont see that transaction on my account (at least not yet) LOL
Coinbase charged me twice for transactions!
This is BS I emailed them no reply all day.
I talked to my bank can report a claim would take 10 days to get my money back. They said to contact coinbase 1st to try and work it out. My bank also said several others have call with the same issue.
Same thing here. I just noticed I have been double charged in the amount of over $340. I underrstand it’s not as much as most people, but it’s still a great deal of money. I use my credit card for all purchases. I have been on hold for more then an hour waiting for someone to explain what’s going on. All double charges hit on Feb 15th. I did notice however, that the legit purchases were labeled as “Cash Advance” and these double charges are labeled “Trav Fu”. Has anyone else noticed this? I’m glad I found this forum because I thoought my card was hacked. I feel sorry for all that have been affected and I hope this gets resolved asap.
WOW thought it was just me - there were SIX transactions on my account from COINBASE today which oddly added up to three withdrawals and three deposits resulting in the same amount at the beginning as they end as in NO money gone from my account but I shut that ISH down. Called my bank put a block on my card and got a new one - I’ll be transferring my coins from coinbase to another wallet asap and no more buys COINBASE you gotta get your ISH together! With all the scammy crap out there I thought they would want to do better - NOPE - guess none of you BTC Billionaires want to invest in a legit exchange- man what a ride.
Is this only happening when buying coins on coinbase? Is anybody having any problems when transferring money from their account to CB USD?
This happened on the same date to me as well. I cant Seem to get a reply or answer on the phone I’ve been here for 30 min
Can anyone give some advice :
  • Does this only affect Credit and debit cards linked to Coinbase?
  • I read on reddit there were some withdrawal issues too?
  • Does it affect GDAX as well?
  • Do you think its safe to keep Fiat, ETh and BTC on GDAX right now? I needed it for possible swing trades
I have unlinked the only card I have from my coinbase account, I hope thats enough?
Sorry to hear everyone has had trouble with it. I think they will resolve it all
Saw this thread so I checked my account, looks like they credited back my original purchases and then withdrew them again. Right now I’m sitting even so I find it a little funny. Obviously wouldn’t be so happy if it was the other way around. My guess is they are working pretty hard to resolve it. Will be keeping an eye on my account for the next couple of days just to be safe. Hope you guys have yours resolved soon.
Yes I have, and it’s bullshit. Keep throwing back at them their mistakes because they are too stupid to know or fix it themselves after raking billions from us. We buy keeping a budget in mind but I guess these companies don’t care about our little budgets. Its crazy, you place an order and then get charged, then again, then again, then after a few days, you see more little charges pop up draining the account to zero. I cant wait for Robinhood to start so I can leave Coinbase. I already do a lot of work on Binance or Cex and Hit Btc. I am so disappointed in Coinbase, they have become the same greedy vultures that they once set out to despise.
I believe Coinbase has acknowledged this problem to be on Visa’s side. I’ve been having this issue for weeks! They are holding our money like a cash advance when we buy crypto. I’m now using an alternative bank account to buy crypto, so it doesn’t screw with my main account I use for daily expenses. I know it sucks to do this, but we have to roll with the punches and adapt to the changing landscape.
I made a $900 debit card purchase on 1/30/2018 and was double charged $909. I charge went through and the other finally dropped off after 10 days. Yesterday I was charged $909 again with reference back to the 1/30/2018 transaction date. FWIW, three different banks that I deal with have flagged my coinbase activity as potential fraud. Penfed cancelled my credit card and issued a replacement even after I verified the charged we’re mine. Maybe these institutions know something about coinbase that we don’t. For now the time being I will use square cash. The app is slow and it’s not the best rate, but at least they aren’t messing with my bank account.
Exact same thing happened to me - overall zero affect except this horrible feeling of all these transactions happening without my knowledge - I shut that card down and got a new one and won’t link it - it sucks because it looks super convenient and it was but I can’t this kind of ISH happening - curious to see how quickly CB turns this around. For now no more crypto purchases.
Also @peter it seems like almost every exchange is now asking for social security number and driver’s license or passport info now. It isn’t just Robinhood. Gemini and Bittrex asked me for the same thing. I am starting to feel like I’m on the terrorist watch list with this shit. Maybe BTMs are the way to go. Paxful also looks interesting. Even if the exchange rates suck and the fees are high it may be worth it to avoid the anal probing.
I just checked my statement and saw that Coinbase did, in fact, charge me twice. Fortunately, they refunded those double charges. But a big fucking however is that they did not refund the cash advance fees associated with those extra charges. My bank kindly removed them after I pointed them out. So, I encourage everyone to sift through their statements to see if anything similar has happened to you. Cheers!