Coinbase charged me twice for transactions!

Add me to the list. Two duplicate transactions on Feb 14 2018 matching transactions from Feb 2 and Jan 30. Both instant visa transactions.
Interesting to see this happening. I’m going to audit my coinbase transactions now to see if I’m also having these issues. It’s important to keep in mind that there are a number of banks that are charging you additional fees OUTSIDE of coinbase fees to purchase BTC. This has been covered by Peter in previous videos recently and has also been announced by coinbase. In fact, you cannot even add a CC to coinbase anymore, because they’ve had so many issues. Be sure it’s not your bank charging you.
Hate to rain on everyone’s parade, but I just went over all of my coinbase purchases, and over my bank account with no issues. My purchases were made either via debit card or bank transfer. I’d be interested to see which of you used an actual credit card or who you bank with.
Very interesting. I’m sorry to hear about this man. Do you mind disclosing who you bank with? I bank with USAA personally. It’s a military bank, and is pretty supportive of coinbase use. I wonder what’s causing the issues. It doesn’t sound like it is related to the bans put in place as outlined in this tweet but its worth knowing if you bank with any of them.
No worries, I bank with a Credit Union in WI called UW Credit Union. I also work there, so it’s not too big of a deal they can issue me a provisional credit to cover it temporarily if I really need it. Tomorrow is payday anyway so I’m not too worried. Hoping that because it happened to more than just one person they will prioritize it.
Came here for answers to my problem, while I’m truly happy for you (and imma let you finish), but I was charged just as the picture shows below for previous transactions with the same dates in the comment lines of my statement that were actually completed on the dates that they were supposed to be AS WELL AS YESTERDAY. For clarity, that means I was charged the FULL amount, twice for both of these transactions one at the time of purchase and one yesterday which posted today. So sorry to rain on your righteous parade but we’re not talking about additional fees here. Let’s limit this to updates on people who are having the issue and how Coinbase and/or their banks are handling it. (PS Beyoncé had the best video of the year) /s
I hope your issues get resolved, dude. I hope you didn’t take “Hate to rain on everyone’s parade” as me being condescending to those affected. I just wanted to figure out if its bank specific, if its payment method specific or what since its clearly not affecting everyone. As I said best of luck hope you figure things out.
You’re right, I apologize for my misplaced snarkiness. The fact of the matter is I’m just kinda salty with bills coming in I don’t have the extra money for this kind of f*ckery right now. Thank you!
I was on hold for almost an hour, was transferred to someone then they HUNG UP ON ME. So I’m back holding again. How long were you on hold?
Share the screenshots. Otherwise, trusting what you said is just as likely as trusting that Coinbase did nothing wrong…
Here is my most recent one (new users have restricted image posting. To avoid spam I’ll post the old ones upon request but not initially) e: as you can see, the initial dates of transaction (which processed on time) are in the details of the purchase.
Yes. This happened to me overnight. EVERY transaction I’ve made was charged again, all at once, and now my checking account is negative TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. My bank told me to contact Coinbase, Coinbase says they’re overloaded and it will take time to get back to me. VERY frustrating.
If you look at the coinbase subreddit people have are being charged x 10 … I un-linked my credit card from it until the issue is resolved . Coinbase responded saying it’s a network problem and that all extra charges will be refunded but im not taking any chances
Same happend to me yesturday. Close to 400 taken out. Put in a case and now just waiting. Hopeing they resolve this issue.
Emailed Coinbase 11 hours ago as they asked for screenshots. I sent 12 screenshots. 6 transactions showing the correct date in which those transactions took place (1/25-2/5) and 6 which were posted yesterday (2/14/18). Still waiting for a reply